Saturday, December 1, 2007

Until I Went Digital (1989 to 2004)

Sorry for the long delay in posts. Things have been very crazy at work and I needed to focus on that for a while. Anyway, I'm back on track and promise to do at least one post a week from now on.

We left off my last post talking about the AE-1. Great camera but where did I go after that? Well...let me tell you. I spent 1989 to 2004 doing what I could in photography but never having the time to spend on it I wished. My cameras where always sitting in the corner taunting me, wanting me to use them. When I would I'd be so happy, but then I wouldn't have time or the money to keep it up. It was during the time that I studied to be a Catholic Priest and finished my bachelor's and Master's degrees. Needless to say that a vow of poverty and student loans don't leave much disposable income for photo gear.

However, its important to note that I didn't foget my passion at this time, so what did I do/use???

Well, Christmas of 1989, right after taking a vow of poverty my father gave me the gift of a EOS-1. I told him it was too much but he figured with a vow of poverty it was the last camera I would ever get so it should be a good one.

Well, this was one amazing camera and was the only one I had until 2004. My only regret is during this time I never had the time or resources to put this body through its paces. I primarily used it for social photography and always felt like I was driving a Ferrari to work at the McDonald's in the mall. Definitely too much for the job.

Well, time moved on, I got married, had/have a family and am became settled in a career. No, I didn't become a priest. If I had I'd still be using the EOS-1. In 2004 it was time to re-ingnite my passion, on came the digital age.

Credit: Thanks to the Canon Museum from where I got the pic above.