Wednesday, March 5, 2008


This will be an ongoing process/task, but I thought it might be useful to create a list of tutorials which I have found useful. Right now there isn't too much here but I plan to flesh this out with everyone's help


Flash Photography 101 - From Photography-on-the-net

  • Chapter 1: Beginners Guide (Click Here)
  • Chapter 2: (Why) Should I Get a Flash Unit For My Camera (Click Here)
  • Chapter 3: A Systematic Approach to Bounced Flash (Click Here)
  • Chapter 4: Guide Numbers and High Speed Sync (Click Here)

ETTL Wireless Config - From Photography-on-the-net

  • Part I: Working with a single remote flash (Click Here)
  • Part II: Working with multiple remote flashes (Click Here)
  • Part III: Working with remote flashes in Manual Mode (Click Here)

Strobist Tutorials

Scott Kelby Lighting and Gear Week

Misc Tutorials:

  • Shooting Large Groups - From Chuck Gardner at Super Nova (Click Here)
  • Evaluative vs. Average flash metering (Click Here)
Post Processing:

  • Aircraft Post Processing - From Photography-on-the-net (Click Here)
  • Black & White Conversion with Layer Blend Modes - From Photoshop Essentials (Click Here)
  • Brightening Eyes - From Photography-on-the-net (Click Here)
  • Skin Smoothing - From Ferradas Photography (Click Here)
  • Using the Unsharpen Mask - From Photography-on-the-net (Click Here)
  • Getting That Cool Gritty Look Right in Camera Raw and Photoshop or Lightroom - Scott Kelby (Click Here)
  • How to perform soft proofing - From TechTutorials (Click Here)

Note: Should you have any you would like to share feel free to post a comment.