Monday, July 5, 2010

52 Variations - Variation Twenty-Five

Pool Play

52 Variations - Variation Twenty-Five - Pool Play

I'm way behind, way way behind.  Did I mention I'm behind.  I wish I could blame it on work but its not so.  I have been caught up family things, like enjoying the summer.  Sorry but fun came before the project. I'm so embarrased.  :-)

The above does little to get me up to where I should be but it is a shot that gets a new variation of Gustavo. As I've mentioned before, he loves to swim and play in water.  The above came from a party he was at over the weekend.  He found himself in the middle of a splash war.  Very serious matters for a 9 year-old.  Anyone with children knows what I mean.

Its a casual shot, not of any artistic merit, but due to the sense of another side of Gustavo I had to present it to you. So enjoy and see you soon, I promise to dig myself out of the hole I find myself in with this project.  I do, I really really do.


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