Sunday, August 8, 2010

52 Variations - Variation Twenty-Nine

Little Sister

52 Variations - Variation Twenty-Nine - Little Sister

Today is a to-fer; yes you guessed it, I'm trying to catch-up.  :-)

As I mentioned in Variation Twenty-Eight, Gustavo loves being a big brother.  It is something he has asked for since age 3.  In my opinion, while I know many children love being brothers or sisters I have never met one that wanted it the way Gustavo does.  For example, every Christmas list has had little sister on it.  I don't know about you but it just warms my heart to see such desire for family.

The one drawback to this desire for a little sister is that the waiting has been hard on him.  For years Yesenia (my wife) and I tried to conceive naturally, thinking it would be easy as it was with Gustavo, but unfortunately it was not.  Then when we decided to adopt things have taken longer than any of us could imagine.  This has been hardest on Yesenia and Gustavo, each wanting Dulce home with us more than they have expressed.

I worry the most about Gustavo though.  On several occasions I have found him standing outside what will be Dulce's room in house, staring at it with an expression of longing.  (We painted and prepared it two years ago based on when we were told she would be home.)  When I ask him what he is doing he always says something like "Just wishing Dulce was here...or...I wonder what Dulce is doing right now."  It breaks my heart, all I can do is hug him and thank God for such a son.  I often wonder if I'm worthy of having him in my life.

I don't mean for these entries to be overly personal and I had to stop to find a tissue, but I wanted to take a moment to share a bit of Gustavo's psyche.  To appreciate the above variation you need to appreciate how much he wants to be a big brother.

The above is another shot where I needed to make noise work to my advantage.  I grabbed this one while walking to breakfast Friday morning.  The light was horrible and the onboard flash of my G11 was causing all kinds of color casting, so I turned it off, bumped up the ISO to 3200 (what I knew would be grainy as all heck) and shot away.  This picture is evidence of the "any photo is better than none" adage.  I was going to stop shooting but didn't and I'm oh so happy I didn't.

They problem was I had make the grain work.  I ran image through Noise Ninja and got the noise out but at the expense of detail and the resulting pic was fuzzy to the point of distraction, even for Gustavo who usually does not notice such things.  Then it hit me, how about a vintage look, pictures are always grainy in vintage photographs and it is almost expected that they are to boot.

The above is the result, what do you think?  I'll share that Gustavo doesn't like it too much, he likes color pictures, but for me it works.  It has an old feel to it, like the feelings of love and devotion Gustavo has are old, but eternal.  Feelings we all should have toward are families and loved ones.


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