Saturday, August 21, 2010

52 Variations - Variation Thirty-One

Hide & Seek

52 Variations - Variation Thrity-One - Hide & Seek

Another variation from out trip to Guatemala.  Grabbed this one while Gustavo was playing hide and seek. It is a classic name that requires no explanation.  Even with Dulce growing up in Guatemala and Gustavo's Spanish being a bit limited, they were able to bond amazingly quick and find ways to play that both loved.

No great photographic skill went into this, but I've found as this project progresses that is as much, if not more about, the moment than the planning and execution of a artsy shot.  In the beginning we did staged shots that captured variations of Gustavo, but in the shots of late I am getting spontaneous variations of his personality.  The spontaneity of this is more him, much more natural.  I won't be moving away from the staged shots permanently but it is fun to explore the spontaneous road with my son.  I hope you enjoy this little diversion with us.


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