Monday, February 14, 2011

52 Variations - Variation Thirty-Two

Making the Shot

52 Variations - Variation Thirty-Two - Making the Shot

I've spent far too long apologizing for late or delayed posts. Unfortunately, I find myself in this position once again. It has been too long and I have missed my goal of a shot a week, ending the project with the end of 2010. Life, more specifically my job, has gotten in the way. I do have to pay the bills. :-)

The above shot, my re-entry into the 52 Variations Project is my tribute to the person Gustavo is developing into. He has never been an aggressive child when it comes to sports, but he does love them nonetheless. When he wanted to join the 4th Grade Basketball team I thought it would be typical of his other experiences. He will do, okay, be a defensive player, not one to make baskets and score points. After all, Gustavo's first instinct is to excellent trait.

This season I have seen Gustavo truly develop as a player. His defense has gotten better, sure; but more importantly he began doing some offense. This was new, and to no small part due to his coach who is very nurturing and encouraging. All of this new behavior culminated yesterday in Gustavo making his first basket during a game. Took three attempts but was a wonderful thing to see. He was so proud and his team was so affirming to the accomplishment it made me proud of all of them. Gustavo is fortunate to play with some wonderful kids.

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