Sunday, March 21, 2010

52 Variations - Variation Twelve


52 Variations - Variation Twelve - Burbuja b

For those of you that don't speak Spanish Burbuja is Spanish for bubble. Why am I using the Spanish word, it just seems fitting and besides, I love the way it sounds. Spanish is such a beautiful language.

As I"m sure you figured out from the above, the theme this week is bubbles/burbujas. Since my son has been little he has loved bubbles, as most children do. So when we were at Target and saw the bubble stuff we just had to get some for this week's shoot.

The objective was not to only catch him playing but get a lot of speculars in the bubbles. Color and reflections were order of the day. I think that worked out well as the umbrellas provided the speculars I was after. If you look at the full size images on Flickr you'll even be able to see the detail of the umbrella, flash, stand, etc. I just love it. :-)

The setup was simple, two flashes into reflective umbrellas. A 580 EXII camera right at full power and a 430 EX camera left at 1/4 power for full. Both flashes were gelled with 1/2 CTO gels to warm the skin a bit. Simple as simple can be.

Now here is the problem, I couldn't decide on a picture. I was down to 4 and asked my wife and son to pick and all they could say is that I should get all of you to vote. So, below are the remaining 3 pictures, look at all 4 and leave a vote in the comments for the one you like the most.

52 Variations - Variation Twelve - Burbuja d

52 Variations - Variation Twelve - Burbuja a

52 Variations - Variation Twelve - Burbuja c


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