Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Simple Mistakes

Madrina & Gustavo

Saturday was Easter Egg coloring day which means we go over to Gustavo's Godmother's house to color eggs.  Keep in mind that this entails 8 dozen eggs and more colors than most monitors can display.  Yep, its a good time for all.  By the end of the day all eggs were colored, colors were mixed and designs applied.  Most importantly I want to thank Gustavo's Godmother who we call Madrina for her hosting us, making her how and love open to us.

Since Madrina is such an important part of our lives and as she is so loved by Gustavo I wanted to do a quick portrait.  So I quickly pulled out a light stand, reflective umbrella and a 580 EXII to light them.  It was supposed to be quick and dirty since everyone was a bit tired, but that is no excuse for what I did.  :-)

Now to the point, take a look at the above, it isn't a portrait that will be published, nor was it ever intended to be.  But it is one Madrina can have in her wallet to show off to her friends.  The problem I created was the umbrella placement.  Look at the window, yep there it is, my 42" Westcott collapsable umbrella, nice isn't it?

I'm so disappointed in myself, I know better, it was such a rookie mistake.  Sure I can Photoshop this out, but I don't want to miss the growth opportunity the brings to me.  It reminds me no matter how rushed things are that I must pay attention to what is going on around me and pay attention to all detail.

That is the purpose of this post, a reminder to pay attention to details and not rush through a shoot just to get it done.  I'm sure everyone has experienced a similar situation.  If you care to share I would be very interested in hearing about your experience.