Sunday, April 25, 2010

52 Variations - Variation Seventeen


52 Variations - Variation Seventeen - Speed

A bit of an opportunity shoot this week.  I had the chance to shoot a fund raiser track-a-thon at my son's school and thought I would make my project shoot catching him in fast motion against the pack of other runners.  Above is my attempt...humble as it is.

Now I have to admit that my objective was to do the panning as a result of dragging my shutter and panning as he ran by.  However, anyone that has ever gone to an event like this knows, it is a bit of organized chaos in that kids are constantly dodging in and out of each other.  As a result, getting a good pan was least for me.  :-)

Thus, Photoshop came to the rescue.  Using a friendly motion blur filter and a layer mask I think we have a nice little blur of him woking his way through the pack.  However, I'll let you guys tell me if you buy the effect.

Next week we plan to be back with a constructed shoot using some strategic light.  Lets just say it involves an 80's style hair band.  Enough said, at least for now.


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