Monday, May 3, 2010

52 Variations - Variation Eighteen


52 Variations - Variation Eighteen - Joyful

Let me start out by saying that this photograph will not win any awards.  It is the result of candid shots I was taking at Gustavo's last Cub Scout meeting.  I'm using this picture because of the joy he exudes in it.  I know I promised a constructed picture this week, but when processing this I couldn't resist and needed to use this picture.  It has too much personality in it not to.

It is a simple shot taken with my G11 at its highest and worst quality ISO.  I did the best I could to remove the noise and sharpen it, but walking the fine balance of detail, the above was the finest balance I could achieve.

I ask you is to remember the power of the snap shot.  As Ansel Adams said, "it captures moments which would otherwise be missed."  I didn't have any of my DSLRs with me, nor was there time to setup a proper shoot, as anyone that has been to a Cub Scout meeting would know.  I was there with the "best camera" as Chase Jarvis would call it.  The camera I had.  A camera that captured Gustavo reveling in a flag swiping across his face...the pure joy of the moment.  The G11 captured the joy, a joy I feel it when looking at the shot, I can ask for nothing more.

So revel in joyfulness with me.  Enjoy the moment, Gustavo sure did.


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